Hi I'm Mark

I make videos for The Transport Hub YouTube channel. This website is my log of all the trains I have seen ordered by class number. When I film a video for YouTube or upload a photo on Social Media I will update the site. If you wish to view a train click the hyperlink and you will be taken to the part of the YouTube video with that train in it, or the photo.

I have also made an interactive pdf map of the UK rail network showing all the stations I have filmed at! Click the green dots to view the videos.

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Completed Stock types

The following is a list of the tractions types where I have filmed every member of the class:

Every painted unit/loco numberEvery physical unit/loco,
but not all the numbers
Class 139Class 91
Class 144Class 313
Class 159Class 317
Class 166Class 319
Class 168Class 378
Class 172Class 458
Class 175Class 465
Class 180
Class 185
Class 220
Class 221
Class 222
Class 314
Class 315
Class 322
Class 323
Class 332
Class 333
Class 350
Class 360
Class 379
Class 387
Class 395
Class 444
Class 456
Class 466