Pre-TOPS NumbersTOPS NumbersCurrent StatusVideosImages
D530026 007Preserved
Ecclesbourne Valley Railway
D530126 001Preserved
Caledonian Railway
D530226 002Preserved
Hydrus Gruop, Brechin
D530326 003Scrapped
D530426 004Preserved
Nemesis Rail
D530526 005Scrapped
D530626 006Scrapped
D530726 020Scrapped
D530826 008Scrapped
D530926 009Scrapped
D531026 010Preserved
Llangollen Railway
D531126 011Preserved
Nemesis Rail
D531226 012Scrapped
D531326 013Scrapped
D531426 014Preserved
Caledonian Railway
D531526 015Scrapped
D531626 016Scrapped
D531726 017Scrapped
D531826 018Scrapped
D531926 019Scrapped
D532026 028Scrapped
D532126 021Scrapped
D532226 022Scrapped
D532326 023Scrapped
D532426 024Preserved
Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway
D532526 025Preserved
Strathspey Railway
D532626 026Scrapped
D532726 027Scrapped
D532926 029Scrapped
D533026 030Scrapped
D533126 031Scrapped
D533226 032Scrapped
D533326 033Scrapped
D533426 034Scrapped
D533526 035Preserved
Caledonian Railway
D533626 036Scrapped
D533726 037Scrapped
D533826 038Preserved
Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway
D533926 039Scrapped
D534026 040Preserved
Waverley Route Heritage Centre
D534126 041Scrapped
D534226 042Scrapped
D534326 043Preserved
Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway
Harmans Cross
D534426 044Scrapped
D534526 045Scrapped
D534626 046Scrapped